Competitive Prayer

Faith and Parenting

This is generally what my house sounds like in the morning….​Me: Okay, kiddos.  Who wants to get ready first?​Kids: no answer.  Still watching cartoons.​Me, to one child: Do you want to get ready by yourself or do you want Mommy to help you?​Z (It’s usually Z): I want Mommy to help!​So we get his new […]

February 13, 2018

When God Speaks Through an iPod


When I first became a Christian, I liked to say that God spoke to me through external circumstances.​I would get nudges…some stronger than others…Let’s face it: some felt more like full body-checks that knocked me off course…​But it was always through events that were beyond my control that God spoke to me.​Scholarships.  Graduate school acceptances […]

November 30, 2017

Explaining the Resurrection to My 4 Year Olds


As we approach Easter this year, I am faced with the enormous task of explaining Easter to my four year old twins.I’m not talking about explaining the Easter bunny and chocolate eggs.  I’m talking about explaining the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.We’ve taken the policy in our house that we are going to be […]

April 14, 2017

What God Wants Me To Do For Lent This Year


Back in December, I was browsing the aisles of a bookstore, looking for a gift for a good friend of mine, and sort of trapped in the Christianity section.Trapped because there were so many options.​Which one should I pick?So I sent up a little prayer: Dear God, please help me choose a book.  Amen.Quick and […]

March 3, 2017

On Knowing God and Knowing about God


William Luther White, in The Image of Man in C.S. Lewis, writes that…”Though his respect for clear, logical thought was high indeed, Lewis did not make rational investigation an end in itself.  He pointed out in Psalms that to be a great theologian is not the same thing as to be a good Christian.  His […]

February 12, 2017

Listening to Worship Music on Repeat


Lately, in the car and at home, all I’ve been listening to is contemporary Christian worship music.I think we’ve listened to a single Rend Collective c.d. in the car for about 27 times in a row so far.And the other day, I was reminded of one of the best reasons for stocking my playlist with […]

January 23, 2017